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Find acoustic oases to protect your hearing!

Horns, construction sites, sirens, and motorcycles whizzing by... how noisy are our cities?


According to World Health Organization, over 1 billion young people are at risk of avoidable hearing loss, due to prolonged and excessive exposure to loud music and noise.


Noise pollution is among the causes and it represents a serious environmental threat to our health.


Download the App Listen Responsibly and measure the noise level around you to create a shared map of the acoustic ecology.






Measure the noise around you

Make a 15-second recording to check the noise levels of your surroundings and whether there are the right conditions to have a pleasant conversation. If not, move to a quieter place to protect your hearing.
Record with Listen Responsibly


Share your measurements

You can save and share your measurements with the rest of the community. Give your contribution to create a crowd-sourced map of the acoustic ecology in your country.
Share with Listen Responsibly


Check the noise variations

Noise levels are not the same throughout the day.

Check at what time of the day a place is more affected by noise pollution and when, instead, noise levels decrease.

Track noise levels with Listen Responsibly


Become our Ambassador

Complete all the tasks assigned to you and share your results to rise to the top of the leaderboard and become an Ambassador of Responsible Listening!
Become an Ambassador of Responsible Listening

How loud is too loud?

Noise pollution health effects

At least 1 in 5 Europeans are currently exposed to noise levels exceeding 55 dB considered harmful to their health.

Long-term exposure to noise has significant health impacts, including heart disease, sleep disturbance and noise-induced hearing loss.

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The effects of noise pollution on health

The impact of noise pollution on wildlife

Noise pollution affects the health and well-being of terrestrial and marine wildlife.

Animals use sound to navigate, attract mates, find food, and avoid predators. As a consequence, noise pollution threatens their ability to survive.

The impact of noise pollution on wildlife
Listen Responsibly - a project by Amplifon

Listen Responsibly - project by Amplifon

Listen Responsibly is Amplifon's global program to raise awareness of the importance of responsible listening in the 26 Countries where the Group operates. The project is designed as a multi-touchpoint advocacy platform, open to the contribution of all civil society and technologically empowered by the Listen Responsibly noise tracker app.

Sound thresholds

50 dBA
The perfect acoustic oasis
60 dBA
A normal conversation
85 dBA
A noisy restaurant
90 dBA
A lawnmower
105 dBA
Sporting Event & Live Music
110 dBA
Headphones max volume

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2 Make your first recording
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Let's create a shared map of the acoustic ecology together!
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